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A while ago Thy Lord Pokemaster said that he once took away all of Josh's (2Josh4U I think he is now) points and set them to zero. If he can forcefully take away points, it it possible he could forcefully increase or set a users points or something of the like?

Late reaction for this I know, and some of you may think I'm planning on bribing PM by asking him to fund my cause into making a real life Drapion for him, but no. Just me being thoughtful again :P. PM or anyone else who might now, no pressure to answer but thanks XD

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Pm decreased Josh's points to 0 because one, it was a joke, and two, it was because Josh was bored. Shortly before this happened though, Pm (as a joke) gave himself a million points to show that he should be number one on the Pokebase. Yes, Pm can add and take away points, but he won't do it as Josh was a kind of "one-off" deal, so yeah :3

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Ik he meant it as a joke lol, i just wanted to see if it was theortically possible. If he increased his own then it is liklkey he could increase others or maybe increase the set amount if he wanted too...you get BA, XC gets an upvote :3 thanks both of you
K no problem :)
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If you are asking if he can add points to someone, yes he can.

Source: I read something about it here

Hope this helps!

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if you tried to link that "here" it didnt work lol.