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Like questions wanting to know if Pokémon made appearances in games other than Pokémon games, are those kinds of questions allowed?

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Could you be more descriptive?
Pokemon can own games? What do you mean by "games that weren't their own"?
Like how Kirby appears in one of the TLOZ games, even though it is not a Kirby game. Do Pokémon ever do that?
Confirming again, that question is fine.
@Fizz, Okay.

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I'm not entirely sure what you mean, but I don't have as issue with it as far as I understand it.

I'll assume you're concerned about the rule where questions should be about Pokemon? You don't need to worry about that so long as the answer you're looking for relates to something specific to the Pokemon franchise. It's not like we'll instantly take down the thread because you mentioned a game that isn't Pokemon.

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