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As in, if all answers on that question are either flagged or downvoted then it would appear in that column.

This is for the mods who can easily have access to unsatisfactory answers and convert/hide them, and the users who want to answer a question that is basically unresolved.

Thoughts? :D

Editors / Mods have the ability to approve and reject post from users under a certain amount of points and people often tell us what needs hiding if something needs hiding. We actually have the ability to see all flagged content and hide the posts however more often than not I end up removing the flags as opposed to hiding the post because there is nothing wrong with it 80% of the time O.O

If a question is unresolved, people can edit it into the question. The ideas proposed are good but not entirely needed.

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You can do this already. Go to Unanswered and choose a different tab, either "No selected answer" or "No upvoted answer" e.g.

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Well - the reason I was suggesting that was because good answers are still not BA'd or upvoted - at least a bad answer is almost always  downvoted or flagged.