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I get the impression that when people give out flags, they feel like they're penalising somebody or putting a mark against them. I think that works against the function of flags to bring posts to our attention, since people might feel bad giving flags, and then decide not to flag a post that needs looking at. There have also been occasions where people got angry for receiving flags.

I think a more neutral colour would help shift the perception a bit, and make it feel like less of an insult. It would help people view flags as a way to attract staff attention, not just to 'report' posts for breaking rules. (For example, you could flag a post that needs its grammar fixed, has a bad title/tags, has broken images, etc.)

Something like a light blue, violet or yellow could work.

I mean, it generally happenes when a post breaks the rules (or laws I guess), but yeah.
I got a flag on an answer. I don't know why. sumwun doesn't know either...
Sometimes things are flagged for no apparent reason. They're usually cleared, you shouldn't worry about them.
Alright. I think I figured out why though.
When my post gets flagged, I feel like I broke the rules or something, also like people don't like my posts, and red is a bit harsh of a color, maybe yellow?

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