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I recently had an idea on the Recoloring Flags thread for how to completely rework how flags are structured. it would be a sort of checkbox system to give more information about why a post was flagged.

For example:
Say a post has really bad grammar. you could click the "flag" button and it would open the checkboxes like shown below:

Mark the problem with this post:
[x] bad grammar
[ ] inappropriate
[ ] spam
[ ] all caps / too much caps
[ ] troll post
[ ] opinionated / not answerable
[ ] duplicate
[ ] other: ____

Get it? i think that would be a lot better than just a basic flagging system. The proposed one would show a lot more about what specifically may be the problem. Obviously, mods and editors and maybe experts would be able to see the reason for flagging, along with the person who posted the flagged thing to help them fix what may be the problem. I'd also suggest encouraging [even mandating?] a person who flags something to comment or publicly say the reason so that troll flagging would be harder and so that other users can see what and/or how the post is doing wrong, and then they can make sure to not make that mistake themselves.

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Requiring people to comment when flagging a post is probably a good idea. I suggested something similar a few years ago.
I disagree with commenting when you flag a post, because it starts unnecessary conflict and drama (" why did you flag me?! You're so rude!!"). Having it appear to mods and editors is enough .
then how would the OP know what to fix? they would just go around asking WHO FLAGEDD MY POST IMA YELL AT U etc etc
For the moveset threads only, have an option to comment that there are movesets that don't fit the current criteria, and the comment about a moveset thread containing movesets that don't meet the criteria can only be seen by editors and mods.
that could just be added to the checklist anyways, i dont think that its possible to have it only for a specific thread/threads
Most of that seems... Kind of pointless. Editors would know why a post was flagged upon seeing it. I do like the message idea, tho. It's pretty common for the OP to not know what they did incorrectly.
@PX has an excellent point; especially with newer users. They can get really salty.
A dm system would be amazing, but the site probably won't support it. Maybe thru discord? But not everyone has an account, and checking the "discord tag" thread every time you need to flag something seems just a little tedious.
Even if most of a time an editor would know why, there will be those sometimes when it isn't obvious at first glance and the flags might get cleared.

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