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Now I been very irritiated of pointless flags and such. As this question got pointless flags without a needed flag and downvote(s). And many more questions / answers. Couldn´t we have a anti-flag system for higher points users? That would be better than that the Editors must remove them as they don´t see everything.

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It's not a massive deal and maybe slightly unnecessary. Only questions that need flagging will be flagged. So when a question does get an unjustified flag, it should get no more than one. The only reason it would get more than one would be due to the "sheep effect". If a question is flagged editors and mods are alerted and the flags are removed pretty quickly depending on who is online. Also the question listed isn't completely perfect. I'm not sure whether the rules have changed but I'm sure that the "why did gamefreak" questions are not allowed for the most part. The answers generally are nothing more than speculation and common sense. Again, I'm not sure where pm stands on those questions.

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Actually there is an anti-flag system. Mods can clear the flags of a post if they think the post is fine. Also if a question gets hidden they can reshow it.

But it rarely happens because posts with many flags almost always break the rules.

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