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On the bottom comment, there was a hyperlink, and it said asked, plus it said retagged. WTF???

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+1 for the tags, plus i'm curious too.
While if it had been an answer that would explain the link, but not the tags.

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Back when the PokeBase was fairly new, there was a system where the site would post a little message on an answer when a question similar to the one the answer answered is asked. If you click on the link in the comment, you'll see that the question got "related to answer for ____" edited in, and no edit history, which means the site edited it in. That system was removed.

As for the retag, that must have been shown on the comment as the question it links to had been retagged.

Oooooohhhh... That was kind of a bit to take in, but back then, they had recommended questions? Cool
It wasn't really "recommended questions"; it was more like posting an automatic comment on the answer so the person who posted it could help with the "related" question.