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Remember to flag questions/answers that are poor or incorrect.

With the influx of new X/Y questions, we moderators/editors have to go through and approve a lot of stuff. Instead of leaving a huge backlog, I am instead approving most Gen VI answers. Now I know pretty much everything there is to know about the previous generations, but since I haven't played Gen VI to completion, I am mostly clueless.

Now what does this all mean? Well it means that there will most likely be more incorrect answers. In that case, I ask you, the registered users, to flag incorrect answers. Then leave a comment saying what is wrong with it. This will allow me and other mods to find and hide incorrect answers.

Thanks for your help!

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I just had to remove eight flags from questions, answers, and comments that didn't deserve to be flagged.
You guys suck at this. :P

Edit: Make that 14 flags... :/
Are you taking into account posts that were flagged because they need to be retagged for spoiler reasons? Pokemaster greenlit that. I don't feel like reading everything here, so I just want to be sure.
These were questions asked about a year or so ago for the most part. Six of them were asked by the same user, so I believe that was done as a grudge of sorts. Five of them were comments on the same question, saying that the question was against the rules, entailing the question asker flagged them because he was annoyed by that.

Edit: Turns out all eleven of those posts were the same incident where a user was revenge flagging. The user jacobalex98.
I'm not talking about the flags you dealt with, I meant for the rule of flags. Pokemaster asked to Flag posts that contain X&Y information that aren't properly tagged to ensure everything is spoiler free and organized by generation for future reference.
Edit stuff in if you want it in. :P
I missed a lot of stuff when it comes to what to flag, I'm just giving a general overview since I've noticed a lot of bad flagging recently.
I seriously just hate you all right now. A three year old answer with 31 upvotes, correct, and by Pokemaster. Flagged along with a comment by DarthDestiny thanking Pokemaster.

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Questions that should be flagged on Pokebase:

Generally questions should not be flagged as often as answers, because we don't have incorrect questions. The type of questions that should be flagged are listed below.

-General moveset questions. Moveset help is considered acceptable for the most part, but "what is a good moveset" are not allowed.
-Trade requests.
-Competitive and ingame teams.
-Questions about the site or other questions that belong on Meta.
-Questions about the actions of other sites. We don't know why serebii is doing x or y thing (or for better clarity I guess I should now say a or b).
-Questions about lawnmowers, mortgages, etc.

There are other types of questions that should be flagged, but just because it is a weak question does not mean it needs to be flagged.

Answers that should be flagged on Pokebase:

-The most commonly flagged are going to be incorrect answers. These will be hidden.
-Answers that have been given at least an hour after all other answers and does not give any new information.
-Questions with poor grammar. These should only have a single flag, in order to inform authority that they should be edited to be more readable.

Comments that should be flagged on Pokebase:

-Necroposts, except those that add new information. Necroposts on moveset questions, ingame team questions, or other such threads are acceptable.

Things that should be flagged on everything:

-Personal insults or other forms of attacks on people.
-Links unrelated to Pokemon.
-Excessive swearing and bypassing the censor.

Remember, if it breaks the rules of the site, flag it.

Now why should I care about a single flag? Well, it means I have to go to the Admin section, check the thing that was flagged to see if it broke the rules, and then if it does not need to be flagged, I have to remove the flag. So when you flag someone when you're annoyed with them, all you're doing is causing me or other moderators/editors more work.

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Please do not upvote this. If you want to upvote, upvote the question only.
what about a good ingame team for XY, it follows the chain of best ingame teams like the other games
Well since we have it, any future ingame team questions can now be flagged. The rules are malleable, these are just generalizations.