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So recently read something on smogon and some other sites and it is so that there is a new feature in XY that makes encountering shiny Pokemon even easier than it already is in gen 6. It appears that every Pokemon Trainer has a Shiny Value(SV) as well as all eggs and Pokemon. Someone known as PKM_Trader_PONDER made a program called Instachecker which makes it possible to actually find out your SV and those of your Pokemon and eggs as well as IVs, EVs, natures, genders and moves whenever you trade with someone. It's a little like Pokecheck just a little updated. Due to this it is actually possible to always get yourself a shiny Pokemon by trading with someone who has the complimenting SV of your egg.

So I was wondering if there could be a guide about this on the site since I thought it would be a little handy for certain people who love shiny-hunting etc..

I was also thinking if there could be a thread where everyone posts their SVs. This making it easier for the DB community as one for those who are interested in shiny Pokemon to easily get their's.

Instacheck is a downloadable content but it only supports the Windows XP PC. However many people on take for example Pokemon Showdown! seem to be interested in helping mainly because this way they can also check their own current eggs SV.

Instachecker is explained with more details here
Shiny Values are explained with more details here.
That was all I had to share.


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