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For example, I need help on Pokémon Flora Sky, but Google hasn't been that trustworthy for me. so I asked this question so people that play hacks like me can give each other advice and stuff.

Here are some hacks that I have played:

I need help on Flora Sky right now, so I need some advice for the Pokémon League.

Pretty sure PM has said no to this or something along these lines before. That and there would be hardly anyone participating.
You can also find help on other sites, like GamesFAQ.
PM has said before that the DB is only for legitimate games.
1. PM has said before that this site is for legitimate games, as fondant said. He has put rules in place banning those kinds of posts, so the chance he's going to make a section for them now is basically nothing.
2. They're illegal, and doing anything that may entice people into playing hacks is putting the site at risk.
3. If Google - which the entire internet contributes to - cannot help you, what makes you think that this one site will?
Why is this downvoted?

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Not official games; we don't support them.