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I was talking to him on Pokemon Online, and I asked him why he didn't come to the Pokebase anymore. He said it won't let him ask or Answer questions. I asked him why not, then he told me that he had to confirm his e-mail. He said that the e-mail never got sent.

He asked me to ask this question.

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Did he check his Spam Mail and see if its there? Because E-mails usually get sent there.
Not sure, I'll have to ask him again
It's weird, because he could ask and answer before.
Agreed with PB10

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By the way, you are able to post on the meta, even if your email is not confirmed.

It's weird that TheKingdra cannot post on the site because he must have had his email confirmed before. It's a gmail address, which I know for a fact gets the emails from this site fine. Two things to double check:

  1. Make sure the email is definitely correct.
  2. Check the spam folder - sometimes mail may get sent there by accident!
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Thanks, I'll be sure to tell him.
He can read the site himself....
Oh, yeah. And he said he wasn't able to post on the meta either.
I got it thanks:)