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I'm on a phone, so maybe that's it, but whenever I go to check the main site for a Pokemon (let's say Sceptile) and I scroll down to see it's available moves, all I get is a message saying:

We don't have any move information for Sceptile yet.

And then I can't see any of its moves from any generation! I've just got Alpha Sapphire so this is a big problem.

Presumably this is because the site was updated for LGPE, and since Sceptile is not in the Switch Games, there aren't any moves.


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Look up those moves on Bulbapedia. It's not like we're the only Pokemon website.
Oh, I thought that Bulbapedia was a bit like Smogon. I'll hide this tomorrow. Or leave it up
I'm not having any problems on PC, but I would leave this up. If this is a consistent problem on mobile, then this deserves some attention.
I’m on mobile and I don’t see anything wrong.

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Found the problem, it was occurring on the 'AMP' pages that you get when coming from Google search. I've fixed it now, but it may take a short while for Google to update. If you still see missing moves on a page, scroll to the bottom and tap "View full Pokedex" to view the full site with tabs and everything.

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 PokeMaster answered my question!! Thanks- works fine now