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I have been slowly working on adding more information about moves to the site, like these:
...and a bunch more.

If you see any ones missing vital information, let me know! In particular I'm interested in doing any moves that have variable damage or do different things under different conditions.


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I'll add more to this as I find out more.

Accupressure does not work on a Pokemon with a Substitute up.
You should have Baton Pass with all moves that can be Baton Passed.
The moves that hit 2-5 times have a 37.5% chance of hitting 2-3 times, and a 12.5% chance at hitting 4-5 times.
A list of the moves that can't be used by Assist should be included.
Recoil damage is rounded down.
For Beat Up, you should note that the Pokemon must not have fainted or have a status condition, and only base attack and defense is used in the Beat Up damage calculation. The Beat Up for the other Pokemon not using the move is typeless. Also, Beat Up always hits through Wonder Guard.
Bide does not take type into account (meaning it can also hit Ghost types.)
Blizzard has 100% accuracy and a 25% chance of breaking through Protect/Detect in Hail.
Trapping moves do not trap a Pokemon if they use Baton Pass or U-Turn (possibly Volt Change as well) or if they hold the Shed Shell.
Brick Break will destroy Light Screen and Reflect even if the move itself doesn't affect the target, although it would still have to not miss.
For Bug Bite and Pluck, if there is a damage reducing Berry, it will still reduce damage. If Embargo is in effect, the Berry will still be eaten but will have no effect.
The types that change and where with Camouflage should be listed.
Charge also increases Sp Def one stage.
Chatter differs in confusion rate. Also, it can only confuse when used by Chatot.
Under Conversion, Hidden Power is considered Normal in type. Weather Ball is also always considered Normal.
Pokemon with the ability Multi-type or Sticky Hold cannot have their item stolen.
Crush Grip is variable in damage.
If the user has the ability Magic Guard, then Curse will always take the effect for non-ghost types, even if a Ghost type uses it.
Ice Ball also gets a power increase when Defense Curl is used first.
Defog removes entry hazards, Reflect, Light Screen, Safeguard, and Mist.
Destiny Bond does not take into account indirect damage.
Give the limitations of Protect/Detect.

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Thanks for the great list, I will work on some of these tonight.
Ice Burn doesn't have the pokemon that can learn it on it's page.