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I am not sure whether or not you meant this to happen, but people gain one point just for voting on something, which means users will just vote on an answer just to get points. I find that if an answer is good, you should feel obligated to vote on it, and likewise with if it is bad. I don't vote on something if I find that it is a good answer, but it has some mistakes, or if I don't think it is a very good question, but doesn't break any of the rules. No question, but you wanted us to put some things in relation with the update in the Q&A.

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i'm not sure about this... it must be 1pts right?
I think Pokemaster just fixed this, and took away the point boosts that everyone got from voting (Notice how Speed lost half of his points, LOL)
WOW. He got over 1,800 points just by voting.

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Yes that was a new option in this version which I forgot to change. I have been making a few other changes to the points system, the main ones that will have made a difference are:

  • Getting a best answer is now +20 instead of +30 points. 30 was a bit too high really when you only get 10 from a vote.
  • You get +1 for voting up, however you also get -1 for voting down. Hopefully this will stop people voting down loads of things for no reason.

But you should still vote down if answers are completely wrong or for spam/junk questions. (Also, if the questions/answers are later deleted because they are bad, then you should get that lost point back.)

EDIT: After a bit more thought I decided to keep the +1 for voting something up. It's a very minor bonus compared to the other scoring. People's scores are in the hundreds or thousands so a few points here and there doesn't matter.

I don't want to remove the -1 for down voting because it will not discourage the people down voting just for the hell of it. But again it's a small hit so hopefully everyone will still down vote when necessary.

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Ah...glad to hear that!