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That way we will know which answers have got most votes.

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VV didn't answer that well lol
Anyway press questions then it will come up with stuff like hot and most views under it.
Press most votes then it shows highest voted questions.
Lowest will be found on the back pages.
I Said ANSWERS with most votes not questions
Why would you want to do that though....
it would be nice to know which answer has got the most votes and least votes

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Each question already orders the answers from best to worst. To be honest it doesn't matter all that much which answers are voted highest overall because it's often dependent on the question, but anyway I took a list from our database:

  1. Best move combos, Fritjof's answer
  2. Best move combos, my answer
  3. Why do the Pokeball icons shake?
  4. Different kinds of Pokemon in competitive battling
  5. List of Pokemon games
  6. Abilities with overworld effects
  7. A bunch more on the move combos question.
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