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First, if you're Pokemaster and you have limited free time, then please take that suggestion more seriously than this one. I think that suggestion is better and should have more priority.

I don't like how most of our thread-like questions are dominated by old answers from when up-voting was easier, and how those thread-like questions also fray very easily :P. To give newer answers a fair chance to reach the top, I have 3 possible proposals.

look at every vote given before the voting requirement was 30 points, and undo them if the user doesn't currently have voting powers
lower the up-voting requirement to 26 points
when answers have the same number of votes, display the newer answers first (if an answer got the same number of votes in less time, then it's probably better)

I personally doubt the first suggestion will do much to solve this problem. I checked the votes given to some of our oldest moveset threads, and 90% of those people are above the voting threshold anyway. I think the disparity between the votes on old and current submissions is caused by better user retention back in the day, the newness of the questions at the time, their age, and the 'culture' in 2010-2012 being more inclined to hand out votes. That's my recollection of things at least.
I'm still hoping Pokemaster will deliver on that custom code proposal he came to us with some time ago, since that solution sounded very ideal. Otherwise, I'm warming on the idea of removing some of those answers -- at least the ones which don't fit our modern rules.

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