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i have a lv. 26 gible in pokemon y. pokemondb says it evolves at lv. 24. i dont understand why it's still a gible.
i asked this question on meta before but it was hidden with no explanation. i dont get what i did wrong.
if pokemondb is wrong then please correct it and if this question is hidden then please say why.

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It was most likely hidden seeing as such a question bleongs on the Pokebase section. The Meta is for site related issues and suggestions only.
What level did you catch the Gible?
The question you asked before was hidden because it should have been asked on PokeBase, not Meta (you were right the first time). The way you worded it made it sound like you were asking "Why isn't my Gible evolving?" and not "The info on Gible is wrong".
By the way, I had a look around and Bulbapedia and Serebii both say 24. So maybe Gible holds an Everstone, you caught Gible over level 24 (just level it up again and it will evolve if this is the case), or you are pressing B while it is trying to evolve?
thanks i'll try to level it up again

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It definitely evolves at level 24. But if you caught it at level 26 it doesn't evolve until you level up.

Anyway, our information is correct :)

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