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I asked this question on PokeBase, but Blob said it belonged in Meta, so I am re-asking it here.

I was looking through DB's section on X and Y when I saw that is said:
>As with every new generation of games, new Pokémon are introduced. The total number of Pokémon will be brought up to over 750, meaning there will be at least 100 new Pokémon.

Currently there are 718 different pokemon, with 69 pokemon having been introduced in X and Y. I was wondering where the above information came from. Is it wrong (i.e. just speculation, given what happened in previous generations), or was it from an official source, in which case it is likely that 30 or so new pokemon might be released in future games?

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Before X/Y were released I'm pretty sure Game Freak or another reliable source said there would be 100 new Pokemon. (There actually are if you count Mega evos.)

Anyway I changed the number at the top months ago but missed that line there. It's now fixed.

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thanks. I didn't think to count the mega, though.
Wait, 30 Mega Evolutions??
Woah. o_O
There is 28 megas. I suppose if Diancie and the other two are real, then the total is 100 new pokemon + megas.