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Suggestion: Add the following to "Maps and Puzzles"

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On this page, add the following maps and puzzles for reference:

Not Yet Suggested:

  • Mt. Coronet [Sinnoh]
  • Twist Mountain [Unova]
  • Reversal Mountain [Unova]

Previously Suggested:

  • Dewford Gym (Hoenn)
  • Birth Island (Hoenn)
  • All Victory Roads (Hmm, which region could that place be?)
  • Viridian Gym (Johto, HG/SS)
  • The Disortion World (Sinnoh)
  • Seafoam Island (Johto)

Suggestions welcome. Just comment if you want to add a place, I'll edit it on.

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I think I need a HUGE map of Lumiose City (and all the places example: Juice Shoppe, Looker Bureau).......I finished the game yet I'm still lost. And I'm losing SOO much money on Lumi Cabs..
Aren't the Seafoam Islands in Kanto? Do you mean the Whirl Islands? Although both could probably do with this.

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