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Remember this?

(The "this" is a link)

That's right! It's the maps and puzzles section! Now, Pokemaster has been working all over the site and now it's our turn to give a hand.

If you want to make a map for a puzzle, make it and edit/comment on this answer a link to the image!


  • Maps must be easy to read. Make them look like the maps on the page already.
  • Maps must be in an image.
  • Maps must actually be depicting a part of the game that needs it. For example, you wouldn't need a map from Pallet Town.
  • No profanity on the map.
  • Suggestion: Actually make the map.

Areas we need:

Experts+ please feel free to edit in any other areas we need.

Lavaridge City Gym (RS) Author: Scraf
Lavaridge City Gym (Emerald)
Laverre City Gym (X & Y) Authors: Dan & Terlor
Sunyshore City Gym (DPPt) Author: Terlor
Snowpoint Temple (DPPt)
Canalave City Gym (DPPt)
Saffron City Gym (RBY) Author: Torterra02
Iccirus City Gym (Black, White, B2W2) Author: Torterra02
Viridian City Gym (FRLG) Author: Torterra02

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Shouldn't you make a list of areas that have been created? (Including the pre-made ones already on the site)
You make it. Too tired.
Im not gonna bother, but if someone wants to make a map for the Pastoria city gym (D P Pt) they can use these 3 pics.
I'd love to do some of the Sinnoh Gyms - it gives me an excuse to get back on my Platinum game. :P
What about snow point temple in d/p/pt? That's really hard.

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In regards to answers:

Post the answer similar to this:

PokemonDB City Gym!

Link to image (Or image if it is small)
Legend (if not already in image):

  • Beer bottles signal trachy
  • If you land on the Sempiternus space, you go back to the beginning.
  • Numbers correspond with how much beer trachy has drank today

Reserving Maps:

Reserve a map like so:

"I'm making a map for the PokemonDB City Gym. Don't make one please!"

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I've got many of the Pokemon walkthroughs, so be expecting a map from me. ;)
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The Lavarre city gym!



  • A->A B->B C->C etc.

  • Red dot = there is a trainer in this room

  • X = dont step on this tele-pad.

Dan's image: http://i.imgur.com/ShJBl6Z.png

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No problem :)
What do you think of it then?
Well the resolution is higher and you got the trainer names which is good, can you give me the pic without the DB stuff around it? (like the one i used).
And if you can, add markings to the rooms with the trainer so it will be easier for me to make a legend for it.
Well I didn't actually use your table I created everything from scratch, I just followed the layout of yours along with this one: http://www.poke-amph.com/x-y/images/laverre-city-gym-map.jpg

But if you mean you want just the table instead of everything else I guess I can do that, but I added the "PokemonDB" banner to symbolise it's from the DB since it will probably appear on Google due to there being very few relevant maps. I added the title of the Gym, Gym Leader and what they specialise in to make it more specific, and I added a little key at the bottom so it could easily be followed.
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Hey guys I know you were looking for a map of the Laverre City Gym in Pokémon X and Y, and I know Terlor created one but I felt it was kind of blurry, so I designed one myself based slightly off Terlor's design and gave him credit for it. It took my quite some time to do this, tell me what you think :P

Laverre City Pokémon Gym (X/Y)- Pokémon DB Version

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Thanks! i added it to my answer.
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The Sunyshore city gym!


The legend and guide are on the image, but:

  • X=Trainer
  • '#'=Number of pad

I think the image is quite understandable but if you want to, you can make it look a little prettier for PM to use. This is the image i used.

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Looks good to me :)
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I have finished!

Diamond/Pearl/Platinum Snowpoint temple ice sliding puzzles!

B3F: http://randomsubdomainforphotos.weebly.com/snowpoint-temple-1.html

B5F: http://randomsubdomainforphotos.weebly.com/snowpoint-temple-2.html

The legend is in the B3F picture. (Not Regigigas, the key type thing.)

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I never found out of that puzzle >.< so yes please
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Saffron City Gym

Link To Image

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Icirrus City Gym (BW/BW 2)

Link To Image

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Lavaridge City Gym: R/S/E


  • Numbers correspond to the darker blue number. E.G. the 1 geyser would lead to the 1 landing spot.
  • Red circles are hidden trainers/Flannery.
  • E (exit) portals all lead to the beginning of the gym in the E landing spot.
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the three Regis (gen 3) [WIP]

Catching (or rather finding) the three regis in gen 3 is quite complicated so a tutorial for that would be really good to have on the site.

This is going to be quite a project so if you can contribute in any way I will very much appreciate it and will give credit where credit is due.
Google Doc. <--------

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Isn't it you find the Sealed Chamber on a sea route near Pacifidlog, you decode the Braille, it tells you to put Relicanth at the front and Wailord at the back, you come back there, all the chambers open, and you find them all. Isn't it something like that? Of course, it's not in great detail but you get the point. :P
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Viridian City Gym (Red & Blue)

Link To Image

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The secondary path in the legend is blank.
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I just want to say that I've planned out my Canalave City Gym Map. So, don't do it.

It'll be up soon, hopefully today if I have the time.

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What game?
Diamond/Pearl/Platinum obviously - they all have the same gym format.
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Veilstone City Gym (Diamond & Pearl/Platinum)

Link to Diamond & Pearl Image

Link to Platinum Image

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Pastoria City Gym (D/P/Pt)

Link to Image

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Mount Coronet (North, Central & South) (D/P/Pt)

Link to North section

Link to Central section

Link to South section

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