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This is a rather minor thing, but on this page, where the link for National Dex is, it says in brackets "Generation V". As the dex now shows the gen VI pokemon, it should say so.

Also, if you follow the link (i.e. on this page) the blurb at the top says it is the complete pokedex for Gen V, and that there are 649 pokemon so far. Again, this should be updated as the Gen VI pokemon, and therefore 718 total pokemon, are found on the page.

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I think this is because not all the data is complete for all the pokemon in gen VI, so it has to say this otherwise it wouldn't be true.

For instance, they might not have the official artwork for all the pokemon, which is usually the most common reason.

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Thanks, I have fixed them (and several others) now. They should now automatically update with the total number of Pokemon when more are added.

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