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This is very important and a long time since the XY pokemons is released. If help you, follow the link to all Pokémon XY 3D Animated Sprites in gif format.


Uploaded in 4Sync, which means this pack have no viruses.

Thank you and sorry for my bad english.

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X Y sprites isnt realesed yet by nintendo but check pkparaiso for sprtes
Pokemaster has been working on getting the animated sprites from Pokemon Showdown! if I remember correctly. He has been busy though in real life (o.O?) so I presume he hasn't got round to it yet.
All sprites that are on the internet are just models I believe. :3
real life? what is that?
Its a life with no pokemon
Dont ever go there
Where did you get those animated sprites from?
pkpariso. Every site uses theirs, they are ok with it.

They actually ripped them out of the game.
Add the other gens and shiny sprites, you lazy bugga
Is there a particular location/site that always has the latest versions of the sprites? Since this question is pretty old they may have been updated since.

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