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A type coverage calculator would be a really cool and unique feature that could set the site apart even more from others. By this I mean you enter in four types of moves, and it'll give a list of what pokemon it isn't super effective against. So for example, say I have a pokemon with the moveset of Ice punch, thunderbolt, psychic, and Close Combat. You would choose from the 17 types and pick the following:

Four types: Ice, Electric, psychic, fighting

It would give you a list of pokemon you can't cover with it, so you know what to be ready for. In this case, Metagross would be one of the pokemon that comes up on this list since none of these moves are super effective on him, so you know to be ready should he come up in a battle.

It just seemed like a really nice idea.

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great idea!
I was planning on suggesting something like this. For now, I have to look at the dual type chart. I'm wondering though, did you get this idea looking at my Axew moveset explanation?
I've had this idea for quite a while actually.
Okay. I just thought it kind of strange. I was planning yesterday on asking this kind of thing today when I had to look at a dual type chart to figure out which Pokemon I don't damage more with Outrage and are also neutral to Reversal so I could figure out if there was a point to including another attacking move.
But yes, it is a good idea. If possible, maybe have it so you can have a certain Pokemon, insert some move, then it will say when you have a move that will do more damage against a Pokemon than the moves you have now.
That could be done with a damage calculator, which would be pretty easy to program.

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I also had this idea a while back (inspired by a similar tool on psypokes). And it's now pretty close to the top of my todo list so it'll get done soon hopefully!

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