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I know a question on adding Flying Press was already suggested, but just thought I'd throw in Freeze-Dry too, since it hits water types super-effective. It could just be a little tick box under Ice type to click if it is Freeze-Dry. I know its a very basic calculator but it can save a lot of time for others.

This can just be limited to a small section on the page that explains the anomalous behaviour of these sorts of moves and what extra effects they provide. The math is very simple, there's no need to modify the type chart.
Its not really as much as modify as just adding something. The point of the type coverage page is to tell how many pokemon are hit super-effective by a combination of move types, and it'd be more tedious to go through the list yourself and check all 721 pokemon individually.

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I think this would be alleviated if using the formula/script that shows the sprites (which I'm guessing it does by look at type combinations) was displayed in a type chart. Currently, if you select a type on the type chart it shows how a move of that type would do vs any other combination of pokemon, but it would be nice if you could select multiple types and have them show up in a combined chart. Like if I pick Electric and Ice as move types rather than list all the pokemon, in a chart it would show that electric/steel, electric/fire, and electric/ice can't be hit better than "Not Very Effective" (1/2)

That's actually a really neat idea! Though I'm not sure that would solve the question by UnownQ, since you're still picking attack types only, not the specific types affected by Freeze Dry.