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We all appreciate the type coverage checker (or, at least, most of us do). It is arguably one of the most useful features of this site for competitive and non-competitive uses alike, other than the information and Q2A itself, mostly because most other people don't take the time to make one. However, it still has notable problems that could be addressed, which I will list as many as I can find here. :P


When playing around with the type chart, I discovered:

  • Snubbul, as well as most Mono Fairy Types, takes Neutral Damage from Fighting types in Gen 2-5 Type Chart (Also, look here)
  • Steel Types take neutral damage from Ghost and Dark Type Coverage in Gen 2-5 Type Chart when Steel Types should resist Dark and Ghost Coverage

Suggested Changes

  • Splitting the Type Coverage Checker into 2 Categories (Gen 2-5, Gen 6+) doesn't make sense; 3-5 categories would be the most accurate; for example: Gen 1, Gen 2-5, Gen 6+; Gen 1, Gen 2-4, Gen 5, Gen 6+; or, Gen 1, Gen 2, Gen 3-4, Gen 5, Gen 6+, depending on whether you care about Rotoms Forms being Ghost Electric in Gen 4 or Abilities not existing in Gen 2. A Gen 1 type chart isn't completely useless, especially since Steel and Dark didn't exist, as well as Psychic types being immune to Ghost and having no Dragon coverage.
  • Giving the type Coverage checker some "Special" Types (once suggested here), such as Freeze Dry, Flying Press, and Thousand Arrows. This helps with actual coverage as well as theory coverage. :P
  • Giving the Type Coverage Checker the option between Allowing Abilities or not allowing Abilities (like a Mold Breaker check-box) because a Pokémon that has Mold Breaker and Earthquake can still hit Rotom and Shedninja. :P
  • Also mentioned here, in the type chart(s) for previous generations, Pokémon that wouldn't exist there shouldn't show up. :P
  • I understand that this has a very low priority on the the things to do (maybe even a negative priority), and may not be addressed for a while. :P I may have missed something. If so, please tell me. :P Thanks!
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