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I know this was already asked, bringing it back up with a bit more added on.

Add abilities like Levitate and Flash Fire. But if a Pokemon has multiple abilities with one of them giving a resistance or immunity, have that Pokemon be available on multiple spots. For example:

Dragon Fire

Not Very Effective: Heatran (Flash Fire)
Normal Effectiveness: Heatran (Flame Body)



Normal Effectiveness: Bronzong (Heatproof)
Super Effective: Bronzong (Levitate/Heavy Metal)

But no need to list abilities for a Pokemon without an immunity/resistance ability.


Super Effective: Togepi

Perhaps even have an option where you can click if your Pokemon has Mold Breaker/Turboblaze/Teravolt. This can help those users who don't know what Mold Breaker and its brothers can do.


Fire Dragon Turboblaze

Normal Effectiveness: Heatran (Flame Body), Heatran (Flash Fire)

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