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When electric, ice, and ground are entered into the Type Coverage Checker, Shedinja goes into "no effect" and Heat Rotom goes into "super effective". If abilities are not factored, Shedinja should go into "normal effectiveness" because electric attacks are normally effective against them. If abilities are factored, Heat Rotom should go into "not very effective" because electric and ice attacks are not very effective, and its only ability is Levitate, which prevents ground attacks. Please be consistent.

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Wonder Guard is the only ability that the Type Coverage checker counts, because no Shedinja can exist without that ability. Since that accounts for a whopping 13 immunities, it simply cannot be ignored. Rotom-H on the other hand, while it will always have Levitate, will only be granted 1 immunity by it's ability's grace. So it can be ignored (in comparison). That's just how the Type Coverage Checker works.

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... Although I do think that abilities should be counted, like with Rotom-H. Ground immunity isn't one that you can just ignore like that :c
gastro acid allows shedinja to exist without that ability.
Still, 90% of the time Shedinja is with 13 immunities. That's huge, and it would be surprising if the coverage checker DOESN'T include that.
Yes this is correct - abilities are not included in the type checker. The only exception is Shedinja because... well, Wonder Guard is what Shedinja is all about. And when programming it was easier to code one exception than add a bunch of code to check the ability too. But it's something I intend to fix at some point.
Thank you. No rush, though, because I know that you're still working to prevent Mew from beating you on Meta. And some believe that you have a life outside of Pokemondb.
And as a suggestion, Pokemon that may or may not have an ability that affects the type chart should be treated as separate Pokemon in the coverage checker, eg. Bronzong(Levitate) or Bronzong(Heatproof) or Bronzong(HeavyMetal).