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Hi, I'm new here and I've been putting the attack type coverage calculator to good use. One of the things that's bothered me though is the presence of the Mega Evolutions and Pokémon not present in previous generations, like Generations 2 and 3.

As of the time of writing, you're only allowed two filtering options: Generations 2 to 5 and above. To the vast majority of users here this is more than enough, but to the ten or so people that like to stick to the older generations the results can be skewed. To clarify: The difference between total Pokémon between Generations 2 and 5 exceeds 200.

Here are my suggestions:

  1. Add the option to toggle Mega Evolutions on and off.
    There are a lot of them, and in many tiers they aren't present. This is particularly true for older Gens.

  2. Add the option to toggle each Generation on and off.
    A checkbox system would probably be the most effective in this case. When a Generation is unchecked, the Pokémon that made their debut in that Generation don't appear and don't affect the results.

And two bonus suggestions to really seal the deal. These ones are probably a lot harder to pull off though.

  1. Add the option to input your Pokémon's Typing and show what it's weak to, in addition to what Typing is super effective against what your Pokémon's Typing is weak to.
    I very badly yearn for a feature like this, where you can input what your Pokémon's Typing is, and be suggested what kind of coverage it needs most. This would make it trivial to tell what coverage holes need patching and for example which Hidden Power to pick.

  2. Add the option to check and uncheck every individual Pokémon.
    This one I can tell would be a pain to code in, but with additional features like filtering by Tier (UU, OU, etc.) you're looking at a very powerful tool indeed.

In conclusion:
The calculator this site offers is the best out there right now. It's also the most intuitive. I think there's room for improving still and would like to hear what you think.

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#2 on the bonus suggestions is probably not going to be implemented because we'd have to keep pace with smogon's tiering updates (which, with the current webmaster's busyness, is very unlikely) and choose from an abundance of formats to reflect on the checker. #1 on the suggestions can be achieved by referencing the Dual type chart page ( ) on this site, so I don't think it is nessesary to add. :P

#1 in regular suggestions could just be included generationally, and I suggested something similar with #2 here (and hope it will get noticed from this comment or a bumb): :P
In 2012, someone else already suggested settings that let you change your generation.
The type coverage that a Pokemon "needs most" depends more on the specific format you're playing and less on what its weaknesses are. For example, in Gen 3 OU, Blissey is weak to fighting. The most common fighting attack user is Salamence, so that's why many Blisseys know ice beam instead of psychic. Many popular competitive formats, especially OU, are fan-made and change often. I don't think Pokemon DB should include information that's relevant to one group of fans for 3 months and becomes completely irrelevant after 3 months. and already tells you what coverage your Pokemon "needs most", so why don't you look there?
I don't know how to reply to individual comments, but to deviate from the "most needed coverage" suggestion, I would still like to be able to turn off megas and pick any generation. Those are the big ones. Turning off NFE Pokémon for more accurate results would be great too.
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Definitely this calculator could be improved if beyond types it would use Flying Press and Freeze-Dry.

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