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On the database page for ghost type Pokemon it states,
>Ghosts are the rarest of all types, with just 27 Ghost type Pokémon in existence.

Then when you scroll down or just look down above " Ghost Type Pokemon" it's number is 44. See Ghost's page.

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This is just because Pokemaster hasn't updated much of the pages since X and Y versions were released.

PM will begin work on these sorts of pages soon, hopefully. Until then, thanks for the notice, and someone should get this to PM eventually.
44 Ghost Pokemon. Wow, Generation VI is an era for Ghosts. xD
All the pumpkaboos and gourgeists forms is 8 in total i think and they introducex 14
Nah. They're just 'forms'. Like the Shaymin land and Shaymin Sky is 1 Pokemon.

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Thanks, I have updated this and all the type descriptions.

Incidentally, by my count Ice is now the rarest type with 33 Pokemon (excluding Megas/Formes), with Ghost and Fairy coming next at 34.

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