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At first it took about 5 minutes to send the message, and now it says "you are typing too fast" or something like that whenever I send a message.

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Its a glitch that happens to me alot.
what i usually do is go on main, change to another alt and then come back to the server with that alt.
I've reported this a while ago, AND it was already asked again by someone else. Go back a bit nxt time xD

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This is down to a bug that we're experiencing at the moment. It's being worked on but is proving difficult at the moment.
The known commands in which are causing this problem are:

  • poof
  • poll
  • money scripts

(Edit freely if you find more)

The short-term solution to this bug is to be banned and unbanned. (Excellent >:D)
Sorry about this :P

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Ah right. I did /atm, is that a money script?
Yeah, indeed it is.
I wonder why it's a money script :P