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You know, when the wall owner gets a new message, instead of it going public straight away they firstly have to approve it to go public. This is maybe so if, for example, someone posts an email address and they don't want anyone to see it the wall owner can delete the message and make sure nobody sees it except them.

I dunno, a minor suggestion. x3

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While I like this idea, it seems like it would simply be changing something for sake of changing it. There's no real reason to do it besides just doing it.
Convenience, you mean to say? Not all changes need a hardcore reason. Convenience is the inspiration of many inventions.
This feels more of an inconvenience than a good thing tbh
That's my point. Convenient for what? Walls aren't meant for sending private messages. There would be a PM system if Pokemaster wanted that. Outside of that there is no reason to add this. It would be more of an inconvenience for Pokemaster to add than it would be a convenience once it was installed. I see your point, and it's a good one, but I'm going to agree to disagree.
If there is some information you don't want others to see on your wall, I think the safest option would be to note down that post somewhere else, and then just delete the post. That's how I did it anyway.

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There will be a private message system added in the next couple months so that would take care of your particular example. I don't see a need for approving wall post, the whole point is they are meant to be public.

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Oh, if a PM system is coming under way then yeah this suggestion is useless. xD
Thank you. :3