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I'm wondering if I'll be able to ask some "What is the best _____ type" questions if I ask for some solid backing up of their choice. I'll give an example:

What is the best non-legendary Rock type?

More Info:
Base your choice off of stats, moves able to be learned, ability, typing (if it is a dual type explain why the other type helps or if just a Rock type, explain why this is good that it is just a Rock type.) Personnal opinion is not wanted here. If an answer does not comply to these things or does not explain, I ask all members to vote it down.

Example answer:
I think Tyranitar is the best Rock type. Its base stat total adds up to 600, on par with Legendaries. It has good HP (base 100), high attack (base 134), and decent Defense and Sp. Def (base 110 and 100 respectively.)
Being a Dark type, it is immune to Psychic attacks plus Dark and Ghost type attacks don't do that much damage to it. Its ability increases Tyranitar's Sp. Def and damages most other foes.
It can learn some very powerful moves: Earthquake, Dragon Dance, Taunt, STAB Stone Edge, STAB Crunch, STAB Pursuit, Ice Fang, Focus Punch, Substitute, STAB Dark Pulse, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Flamethrower, Surf, STAB Rock Slide, Aerial Ace which deals wth Fighting types, Thunder Wave, Curse, Iron Defense, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Avalanche, Screech, Rock Polish, Ancientpower, Stealth Rock, and Roar.

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Please nobody but Pokemaster answer this question.

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Yeah, these kind of questions will be OK. Your sample answer is great and just the kind of thing I'd like to see here.

As long as people are posting good answers with reasoning (and not useless things like "I think tyrantitar rox!!lol") then it makes pokebase a great place for information!

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