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Dear pokemaster the remember me on this computer button befor you log in is not working

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It will sometimes work and it will sometimes not. I would suggest that instead of exiting out, you just minimize the tab. It is what I do. You may also want an easy to remember password if that is your problem. You might want to put a suggestion into the new features on the PDB (my short way of saying Pokemon database.) I would vote it up because I am sure it is annoying for users with siblings who use this site (my brother thankfully just uses serebii, although this site is much better.) I'll keep this in the comments because you asked PM (Pokemaster.)
Well I turn my computer off at night and I just don't wana type it over and over again

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There is an issue I'm aware of, where if you log in on a different computer then you get logged out on the first computer. Unfortunately this is just how the software works and we can't change it at the moment, but hopefully it will be fixed in the future.

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Oh, so that's what happens...