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Could someone tell Ilikebugs about how we aren't supposed to Re-answer unless we're adding more information?

I think it would sound slightly rude coming from me since I answered that Question Already, and because Speed Freak's Answer should've been a comment, but it got upvoted anyway...


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I did give more information which is why I answered.
This one wasn't exactly pointed at you but more at Ilikebugs, being a new user I don't think he completely understood the concept,

And you said,

" like EJ-98 said - ( Stating Yeah, he was right ) you can see ferroseed,( Yep Covered That )  who is found in the Chargestone cave ( Okay, this was your added info, and I believe Dt edited out a part about you saying you would post a link, ( Correct me if i'm wrong ) But that was pretty much it, One piece of info, which as I said, You should've just commented.
Not a big deal though, just saying.

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If you see posts like that, add a polite comment explaining that they didn't need to post, because they didn't add anything. Mods may come along and hide posts some time later.

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Yeah, I know what you mean, I just thought it would sound slightly rude to a new user considering I had already answered.