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I spend most of my time on this site on Pokebase but now go on Meta-Pokebase and Battle Subway but only have 22 and 20 points respectively on these servers. I have answered 2 questions on Battle Subway (both RMT questions) and my answers haven't been checked even though I posted them a few hours ago. I tried commenting to say that I posted an answer and that it is yet to be checked only to find out that my comment needs to be checked also and hasn't been for hours.

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You must wait until your post gets approved or rejected. Since you are a new user, you and all the others must get their posts approved until they reach a certain amount of points. There is no true time slot in which your posts will get checked, but rather if an Editor/Moderator is online. It usually takes a few hours if the posts is fine, but that's just an estimate.

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No problem man.
problemo, i aint new and they still check my question and answers btw you answered this on my b-day :D