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It has been 50 min and my question still did not post.

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Funny,I asked a question 14 minutes ago and it was answered 10 minutes ago.

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When a newer user asks a question, it gets sent to the Admin page where Editors and Moderators approve it. However, once you get a certain number of points, you won't need to wait for approval! There are no Editors / Mods active at this time so be patient! You just need 25 points on Pokebase to "post without on moderation".

Source: Ninja :3

Also, I'll try to answer your question :D

Some questions/answers have been left unapproved for 13 hours before. :3
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I'd just like to add to the quote by Ninja. All editors and mods are scattered all around the world. Most live in the US leaving myself and Hex as the only users on to cover the European timezone in early morning. Fizzy lives in the outback and usually can help with the European timezone. However, this may surprise you but we do (most of us) (K very few of us) have lives and don't spend 24 hours a day refreshing the admin page. Some questions may go 13 hours before getting approved. We understand that is somewhat problematic, but your question will usually be answered very fast once approved, its needed to prevent spam and rule breaking posts.

Rule breaking posts like your recent one that you are complaining about in this post. Sorry I had to reject that question as we are not allowed to build teams for you. :(