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I know this a really minor point but I'm just wondering :
Is it my Computer or is it cut on the PokeDex ?
Especially Yveltal and Aurorus.

enter image description here

Some Pokemon are fine but the larger ones seem to be cut .

Happens to me too.
I'm on a mobile right now, so I don't think its your computer.
I'm guessing that they can't fully fit into their designated space at their original size.
Yveltal and Xerneas are cut off even on the regular sprite page.
They seem to be Pokémon with unusually tall sprites (or wide, in Yveltal's case).

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The reason is slightly complex, but it's due to how they are displayed on the page. For technical reasons they all need to be the same width/height, so I chose a size that fits 90% of the sprites. But a few of them are too wide. I intend to redo them at some point to try and fit them in, e.g. screenshot Yveltal when its wings are down.

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Oh okay. Thanks :D