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I'm trying to add a shiny Metagross sprite into my answer to a question. I'm putting in the image URL in the box but it either gives me a blank box or a box with a question mark in it. Any help? Thanks in advance.


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It's possible that the image you are trying to enter has a bad URL. If you're getting it off of google images then you need to go all the way to the original image and use the URL. If it's still not working try changing the size as I find that also helps.

Search Metagross on Google Images.
Click on the image you want, it'll then go to this image:
Click on View Image.
Then it will lead you to the image with the correct URL. If you want a different size then go back to image one, and click on the button beside View Image for different sizes.

Also if I could see the link for the Metagross pic you want that's be great.

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Seems to work, see the answer I posted
How did you do it?
Simply pasting down a URL does not work. You need to manually insert the image by pressing the small picture icon in the text editor bar and pasting in the URL. This will create some code that tells the text editor to display an image; do not change anything in it.
Alternatively, if you are using sprites from pokemondb, you can copy-paste the markdown code that it displays when you left click a sprite. This will have the same effect.
A more extensive guide can be found in the link here. I wrote this for a question about animated sprites, but the exact same method works for static images as well.
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Test answer:

enter image description here