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How do you use the moving X/Y sprites?

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I know you need to go to that web. But I don't get it. Is the problem that I am using an IPad? Help!

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Do you mean inserting them into your questions and answers?

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The iPad should not be causing you any problems, I've successfully added many images using mine. You probably have the technique wrong, which is why you can't get it to work.

Firstly, the link you gave up there will never turn up to be an image. This is what you'll get if you try to use that link as an image:

enter image description here

This happens because the webpage is not an image. What you need to do to get the animated Pokemon sprite is link it directly to a webpage with an animated image (these webpages almost always end in .gif, so that's how you can tell that you've done it right). In this example, we will use an Azumarill image, which is located here:

  1. Copy the image URL (which is the link I gave you up there), You can find a webpage's URL at the top of your browser - it is the long strip of text.
  2. Once you have the URL, you need to get the image into your post. The first thing you need to do is hit that little picture icon that is above the box that you write in.
  3. If done correctly, a little box should appear, telling you to paste the URL. If you have copied it the way I have, remove the http:// it has there already. You don't need it.
  4. Once you have pasted it, look at the answer preview below the answer box. The animated Pokemon should be there! Remember, don't remove any of the coding it puts there. It looks ugly, but it doesn't show itself when you post the Q/A. If you do remove it, your image won't show up.

Here is the final product:


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Just the same as you use any normal picture. Copy the Images URL (Right Click it), and use the image icon above the textbox to paste it.

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