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I was on the Pokemon Platinum Pokedex Page and I was a little disappointed to see the Gen 6 sprites instead of the older sprites - the Gen 5 sprites are my favorite. Can you add maybe a button, switch or some sort of link/page changer to make the older sprites appear instead of the newer ones? It would be greatly appreciated, and it would make collecting a large amount of sprites easier.

great idea..
Yeah, like scroll through the different generations.. Great idea
Why does everybody like the 96 by 96 sprites?
If 96 by 96 sprites are the B/W2 animated sprites, it's because their awesome. All the Pokemon look animated and unique, no movements are the same. The X/Y sprites are just them moving a little bit, they're not exactly animated, they're kinda dull. The BW2 sprites are cool and exciting, and they're in the original art style that everyone knows and loves.
But I don't like how some Pokemon aren't supposed to move very fast (like Shuckle) still seem to be very lively in their animations. I like the generation IV sprites better.

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Actually I am already planning to update those pages to use the sprites from the appropriate games, like I did for the Red/Blue Pokedex.

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Perfect! Thanks!
The Red/Blue Dex looks swoogity by the way.