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Basically, if you click on a R/B/Y pokedex page, it should display gen 1 sprites instead of gen 6 sprites; if you would click on a B/W pokedex page it should display gen 5 sprites, and so on. The reason why I suggest this is so that players have an idea of how Pokemon sprites were in that generation with a little more convenience. (For the master Pokemon list, the newest sprites for Pokemon should be used)

(sorry, it was hard for me to word this question)

Not for any others. Red/Blue/Yellow appear to be the only games with this feature. Also this has already been asked; Pokemaster said he would add them eventually.
True, although that was three years ago. It'll be good to bring it back to PM's attention.
Oh, my mistake. Yeah this would be a neat feature.
also matching the pokemon's type with its generation. Example: in a gens 1-5 pokedex it would be normal whereas in gens 6 and above it stays fairy

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