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Simply because the 'Japanese translation' on the Pokedex pages aren't really Japanese at all - they are just a romanization of the Japanese translation. So I believe it would be better to add the Japanese characters to the Pokedex pages.

It's also pretty useless without the Japanese characters there because in the game they use the Japanese characters - not just the Romanized English. So yeah. :3

Also, add Japanese names to Pokemon with the same name in both languages, please. You addressed this previously, but you never did anything.

Just something that's bothering me. I can help with the Japanese if you want. :D

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Good idea!

If anyone wants to help with that then go right ahead. You could make a Google Docs spreadsheet with the English names in one column, then the equivalent Japanese in the second column, then the Romanisation of that Japanese name in the third column.

Then I can add it to the site quite easily when I have time.

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I could do this when I have the time. :)