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Okay, so I waz looking through the pagez looking for cool Japanese names, and I noticed some were missing....

And I've noticed that Sentret and Furret share the same Japanese name of Otachi.

So yeahz... Just a small thing. ;P No big deal. Just something to do when everything else iz done.

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It's 'cause those names are the same in English & Japanese.
p-p-p-p-pikachu and its family..... <////3
@Gray Test: Okay, now that you mention it, I remember that Pikachu iz the same in each laungage. Good thing they're the same. Makes Pokemon easier. ;P
Haha everyone's saying my name the english way

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Like Grey Test said, it's because they are the same in both languages. But i guess I should add them anyway to make it clear.

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