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What are you asking? Please clarify.
It varies depending on the severity of the action.
that is what i want to know.
opps i forgot to put long in Q and by mistake i hid it.

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Calling each other racial slurs or other such language-1 kick, no warning. Repeats result in 1 day ban a second time and a permanent ban the third.

Posting pornographic content--Permanent ban, no warnings.

Making a duplicate account without posting on the siblings watch: 2 days if there was no usage for the duplicate account ( upvotes and downvotes), week if it has been used for upvotes. Permanent if either one happens again. The duplicate account is always banned permanently in either situation. If a person confesses to having a duplicate account, they will not be banned for it. That said, if there's a repeat offense, it's totally fair game.

Being an obvious spam account or one of the lovely new users we've gotten that swear and throw tantrums about their posts without actually reading the rules- A brand new user yelling about them not understanding the rules get 1 warning and are informed of the rules that got their posts hidden. After that, it's a permanent ban.

Continual all caps-1 warning in chat, followed by kicking after warning. If it's a continual problem, 1 day ban. Additional calls made from there.

Backseat driving and enforcing rules when other users are there to handle it- 1 warning given, followed by a kick. Only in rare cases like this guy would it warrant a ban, but 1 day for first time and permanent from there.

Creating a duplicate account after being banned for another punishment -In addition to whatever the first punishment is, an additional 5 days are tacked on.


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