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for the Q&A section of the site it is kinda annoying(at least for me) to see the squiggles every time i type a pokemon's name. Not sure how it's set up but i know you have a spell checker that works pretty decently and was wondering if it is possible to add pokemon names to whatever is doing the spell-check for the site. It would could potentially help people find the correct pokemon someone is talking about at times too.

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granted i know it would be a pain at first if possible but still might be nice.

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Pokebase doesn't have a spell checker, this is your web browser adding the red squiggly lines! You should be able to right click the word, then click "Add to dictionary" or something similar. Make sure you've spelt it right before adding it though ;)

Although.... adding a spell checker to Pokebase isn't a bad idea anyway. Too many people get the Pokemon names completely wrong :/

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ahh, i didn't know my browser had a built in checker.  guess i'll have to look into that
Yes, all browsers have it!
lt is like the built in Spell checker in Microsoft Word!