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Hey Pokemaster. Can you please unblock Emolga8. Im emolga8 but im at my grandparents house. I dident do anything wrong and i cant chat, or ask a question. It says Sorry, you cant post currently. I was wondering if you could unban my home ip adress bc it was soulheart and he made an Emolga8 with an Upper case I and threatended to hack me. please unban my ip adress. Thanks

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try reconfirming your email
i did, nothing.. still banned

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Something fishy is going on here. Emolga8 is the same computer that created many of those duplicate accounts with spaces or I's instead of L's in them. Plus some other older accounts.

What's going on?

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He's lying. I can tell. You have proof now. But you should dig in a little more before you ban Phanpy22 or Un-ban Emolga8?
there is a slight difference in severity of crime between creating fake accounts and lying to spamming.
If someone hacks your ip, simply let them. it is widely output on the internet all the time. if they say they are accessing your personal accounts, that is illegal. however, it is completely legal to see your isp, ip adress, and your type of ip. i tell people to go ahead because 9/10 people wont do anything.
It was on his own website pokemaster..
Please Pokemaster
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Look, I don't see what the problem is. If Phanpy22 did make the fake accounts he would have no need for his old account. It wouldn't affect anyone else. Plus if this SoulHeart guy made those accounts he is just getting what he wanted by locking Phanpy22 out of his account, choas for the users of this site. I've not been on this sight for awhile but I can tell that it's being filled with junk (anything that doesn't have to do with Pokemon). If I was Pokemaster I would create a counsol of trusted users to deal with these things. Pokemaster gives his time and money to us in the form of this site. I know I'm not the only one who would give time to help it improve.

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Hey, I did not do any thing with this account, I admit that I did copy Pokemasters account, but thats all I did, i swear, i have no idea who emolga or Emolga is so... and pokemaster said that it did not come from me, so. i didnt do it, and you can put this in to a comment, later, i just want every one to see

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Did you really say that you would hack him/her? ROFL thats funny. You dont say this things in the internet, if you are a hacker(i dont think you can hack) you should know that some people out there are more powerful than you. So dont be a big bad guy who says he can hack because you can get in trouble.
That's very... chilling Boronicolas. I won't be threatening to hack people anytime soon...
well its offensive to people like him (no offense boron). i dont care because i dont hack anymore but boron is absolutely right.