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I don't know how many people use the HM Slave page, but I use it very often and find it one of the many useful tools on the site, but sometimes I've already decided my team and I just want to know which Pokemon can learn which HMs without going to each of the 6 Pokemon's pages. Instead, make it an option for us to type in our 6 (or less) Pokemon in our in-game teams, and then let the table show only those six Pokemon and which HMs they can learn.

For example, I have a Ludicolo, Mightyena and Tropius ready for HM Slaving. Rather than checking their Pokedex pages, instead I can go on the HM Slave page and enter "Ludicolo" and "Tropius", and it'll show up as Tropius being able to learn Cut and Fly, while Ludicolo can learn Surf, Strength, Waterfall and Dive, and the last HM - Rock Smash - can be taught to Mightyena, making it just the click of a couple buttons and all on one page. Side note: I would never do this, because I love Ludicolo and Mightyena too dearly.

It would make the HM Slave page more advanced and simpler to use, thus increasing efficiency by 65%, and yes I arrived at that figure by making it up (kudos if you got that reference).

Final note, on the tabs on the top of the page, add the HM Slave page there. The only way I know to access it through the site is by going on Moveset Searcher and clicking on the link there, but it still only leads to the HM Slave page for Black and White. Thank you for reading, I hope you consider my proposal.

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You can do that by going to the Pokedex pages on the database. I would suggest that there's an option to see which Pokemon in each game could learn the most HMs.
This is simpler and more efficient. It saves time for in-game team plans.
I like this idea. Would make the page quicker to use. I think a drop down function would make it helpful too

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Hmm, I thought I'd added a search box on there but obviously not. I've made a note to do that.

Also, you can access HM pages by clicking a game in the "Pokemon games" menu, then clicking the HMs link in the blue box on that page.

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