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So you know the HM slave area? Why isn't there an area for Gen 6? I know ORAS was a good game, and lots of people replay it (from what I know), so why don't we add an HM slave area fo Gen 6?

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Ya i know, but i just feel that is a good part of the DB

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What page exactly are you referring to? We have a HM page for ORAS here.

It's linked from the main ORAS page in the menu (under "Pokemon games"). Same goes for XY.

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What i meant was in the game mechanics section, there is a moveset checker. On that page, you can click to an HM slave page from there. It only shows up to White 2 and Black 2. That's what i had meant. Sorry for not asking clearly.
OK I've removed the link to avoid confusion, but left the sentence in there so people can find the appropriate page themselves.