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Well I really haven't been on recently and I come back to many new things.

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Sure, here they are:

  1. Answers and comments are now added much quicker, without an entire page load.
  2. Favorites option for questions, tags and users. Favorites can be seen by going to My Account > My favorites. (Also related, the best answer icon is now a tick due to the favourites being a star.)
  3. A new "My Updates" section that shows replies to your posts (details here).
  4. Answers converted do comments do not keep their formatting.

There is also some new 'closing' functionality for questions but I turned it off because it doesn't work great at the moment.

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Thanks,what do you mean on the answers converted into comments part?
It's possible to turn answers into comments, if someone posts "thanks" or replies to someone as an answer. But it always used to keep the formatting and people had been putting images in there which got annoying.
Oh.lol I know because I sometime do that which can be hard to read as-well.