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If there comes a time where there are questions asking for "Is this a good moveset for ___" or "Final member for my team in XY?", do not answer those questions, as they are not allowed. Answering the question makes it seem as though those types of questions are allowed, and more of the questions arise. After you hid nearly 15 questions like this, it's very annoying to see that people don't bother to flag these questions, but answer them or just comment on them(without saying these questions are not allowed). Let it be known that these questions are not allowed, and if someone persists on asking these questions, a Mod will punish them.

Perhaps Pokemaster could add this to the PokeBase section of the Rules? Because from what I've read they aren't explicitly forbidden. Not sure how many new users bother to read the rules though :P

EDIT: Like others, I didn't know they weren't allowed.
i actually thought it was permitted. i absolutely hate those types of questions and they definitely need to stop.
I stopped flagging these because I doubted that they weren't allowed, so thanks for clearing that up for me.
@Spook: It is one of the 'unspoken rules' of the Pokebase, so that's probably why you didn't know about this. Maybe Pokemaster shoukd add this to the rules, I agree.

@PX+Flaf: No problem :)
Been here for a year and yet there's still more to learn.

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I agree, questions breaking the rules should be flagged and not answered. I thought this would be obvious from the rules...

That wasn't the problem, the problem was that we didn't know this type of question was against rules because it wasn't made clear (sometimes they would be quickly hidden and others they would be answered with good responses, so we had no idea what to do). These types of questions weren't specified in the rules.